Euri: A Colorful Boy

Euri, a boy so true,
In a world of colors, he found his hue.
With eyes like sapphires, sparkling bright,
He filled the world with his radiant light.

In fields of green, he loved to play,
His laughter and joy, brightened the day.
With every step, the grass would sway,
Euri's world, a colorful display.

With hair like fire, a vibrant mane,
He danced in the sun, free from restrain.
Euri's spirit, like a burning flame,
In a world of colors, he had no shame.

He dreamt of stars in the midnight sky,
In the cosmos, he longed to fly.
Euri's dreams, so high and spry,
Painted the night with a cosmic dye.

Euri, the boy of many shades,
In his heart, love never fades.
With colors bright, in endless cascades,
He'll forever be in our colorful parades.

In the canvas of life, Euri's brush,
Painted a world, vibrant and plush.
With each stroke, in colors lush,
His story told, in every hush.

So here's to Euri, a boy so grand,
In a colorful world, he'll forever stand.
With love and dreams, hand in hand,
He's the boy who colored the land.