my löve k


It was a Sunday of may… I was about to go home, when I decided to go to dance to twist. I said hi to her, her friend come to me and said : she is not available. And my head even thinks about the fact that something is imposible, I always believe it’s possible. 5 minutes later I received a drink from the bartender…. he saids: that lady is sending this drink to you. It was a present from the friend , she said : K. Wants to meet you.

I hold my hand with her hand. K. Looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes…. omg… i love blue eyes so much… We danced…. she was so beautifully shy, we never kissed…. for the 1st hour. But hour spirits were kissing… from the 1st second. I kissed her on her cheek, and then in her eyes…. and then, a bunch of hugs…. ( yes…. we just met, and a bunch of hugs cuz…. We coudnt to avoid our love.) ….. I felt flying. Then, I decided to kiss her, slow. Cuz she was so shy, and even me. I was honoring her light.

I was nervous in the fucking life,…. she responded to me with a kiss, and I felt butterflies all over.

She is a famous actress…. but that night…. she didn’t acted. She was mine, and I was hers…. <3 you are the first American I have love, and wherever you are… this paint is inspired in üs and in how we know to fly together.

I love you K.



äcrylic ön cänvas

412$ • 23 x 30 cm

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1000$ • 101 x 78 cm

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