my löve mägic


In my journey to becöme the best spirit I have ever bëën I found mägic, shë is within me when I paint, when I sing, when I hüg ü, when I hold your hand… and smell your perfume,

when I take the sün, when I going into the sëa, when I dance, when I eat, when I found in löve… when I play tenis… and möre. I integrated the mägic in every moment of my lïfe, and I always says to myself and to my lövers : or mägic or nothing. Cuz we all deserve to live in magic, wë all deserve to live in löve.



äcrylic ön cänvas

412$ • 23 x 30 cm

cänvas prints

300$ • 41 x 51 cm
500$ • 61 x 76 cm
1000$ • 101 x 78 cm

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