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It was a Saturday, I was walking in downtown…. at 12 pm… it was a hot summer day. I stoped in a restaurant , there was a DJ friend playing there. so, i told him : play my music, then, I started to sing… and she came to me and said :” what a beautiful voice, join us”… my mood wasn’t in a party, but I said to myself “ I will stay for some minutes “. Then, she said to me : let’s go to another place, we asked a uber already. I even know where we were going, I was about to say no, but my intuition said to me: go and live. I went with her to a bonito place called : casa Florida💐🐈 … she kissed me. She is a brave girl jeje…. I knew from that day, that she is not open to anyone. That maybe, seeing her again will be so far away, but anyways , I stayed, and I kissed her with my entire soul, in the sun, in the car, in the rain… in the table, in the spirit. She has two perritos, I think she is a so beautiful dog ‘s mom. And her eyes…. well, I’ll better shut up.


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