ok, this time… I haven’t planed to love u this way. (well, magic is never planed whatafuck am I saying)…It supposed to be a friends meeting…And it was until the end. But my feelings…. what can I say? I loved you more than I expected that day. She sat next to me, to my left, and I started painting… Fucking nervous!!!!! cuz I felt so much love for her when she was by my side. It’s that feeling…. when u feel warm…. and safe…. next to someone…. she makes me feel that . She doesn’t weven knows this. And I haven’t have the chance to tell her, maybe this painting will be the only way. But, what a beautiful soul to know one day before jumping to the sky. I love yöu.



äcrylic ön cänvas

412$ • 23 x 30 cm

cänvas prints

300$ • 41 x 51 cm
500$ • 61 x 76 cm
1000$ • 101 x 78 cm

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