I felt incomplete, I felt empty, and I didn’t know what happened to me.

I just had in my head that my dream was singing around the world, filling stadiums and performing. I was damn good thinking about results, and I disown the value of the process. the beauty of the process.

My process, my victories and my struggles… is light. It is the mother of my creation as spirit and as a human.

Every moment, Every person, every tear, every laugh, every love, every broken heart, every song, every fall, every raise, they created me.

I thought I had to sing to live, when life teaches me that I had to live to sing. She also teaches me that we have to live inspired, and so, we will be able to do anything from the heart, from the purest love.

I discovered that my life was my medicine, that my life was my inspiration, that my life was my biggest love, that I had to love her so much and keep her inspired in every moment that I could, and then, all the energy that I spread over the universe will be authentic, from that place of peace and tenderness that exists inside of me.

I discovered that I couldn’t give love to the world through a song, through a piece of art, If I give the purest love to myself first. I discovered that I am a wonderful spirit, invincible, that believes that comes

from the galaxy and that also, has a beautiful mother on another planet, like also, I discovered that, I am a human, vulnerable…sister of every human that is here, facing our light and darkness.

I discovered that I am happy alone, aligned with my inner child and my spirit. With the full certainty that I am never alone, because we are all connected, humans, animals, trees, every beautiful species in this abundant galaxy. And, there are galactic powers that connect each other to us through love.

I discovered that I love people, looking at their smiles, their light, their energy, their gifts, their dreams.

I discovered that I love kissing, hugging, from the deep of my soul, cuz after many years without hugging myself, I am so f///kng ready to hug me and the entire world. I am down to share this love with all of you.

I discovered that l love the deep, until getting crazy lol, yes, it’s a trip. And I discovered that I love the simple, that magic that just happens, that we can’t explain with earth languages.

I discovered that magic can’t be touched, can’t be read, can’t be planned, magic just appears and shows us that God’s plans are bigger than ours. The magic is so big, that there is no form in the physical world for something so awesome.

I love my humans,
I love my galactics, and
we are one.

with love,

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