I fly everyday

I change every day… that coincide with you is a miracle…

There are portals that I go though to arrive to the purest love, portals full of paintings and musical keys that comes from the sky.

The sky is not up, the sky is here, next to us <3…

thank you for living this sky with me <3… thank you for painting the world with love next to me….
thank you for sing us
for hug us,
thank you
for join us to the biggest awakening…

i breath… you breath
i love… you love
the bigest borders or complex languages didn’t even achieved to separated us,
it doesn’t matter your type of blood…
you and me are one.
we are the love…
we are the unity in extension.

In every song…
all my love
In every painting all my heart…

let’s fly for this one, and all of our lives

I want that u know…that my biggest dream
is to sing us, to us… millions of galactic people in all the worlds.

I love you
and I recognize you